Bleeding Colors

I know everyone has been doing these crayon art pieces but I still had to share mine.

It is really easy and fun!
All you need is a couple packs of crayons, canvas, hairdryer, and electricity.
Make sure that you hold the hairdryer at a good distance away because if you are impatient then it could start to splatter.

Several Weeks later Savannah wanted to try her hand at finding her inner artist and this is what she came out with:
I defintely like her crayon one better than mine #jealousy


No Thorns

Fake cloth flowers always seem to look very fake and I really don't have a green thumb so I decided to make some out of plastic.


First: Gather a few things:
Plastic Spoons
Candle and Lighter
Hot Glue Gun and Sticks

Then: Carefully hold spoons over the candle for about 10 seconds and it begins to melt, but it you do it too long then the spoons burn black. The center pieces are held with the spoon down and the outer petals are done by holding the spoon normally. After all the petals are formed hot glue it together. I spray painted mine because I used clear spoons that we had laying around.

Inspiration in Action:

Finally: Finding something to do with these flowers... well I have seen them mainly used as a broche with a pin hot glued to the back, but I was thinking more towards decor like the picture below:


Where are all the forks?

Since we had an extra set of silverware and it had a more antique handle we thought that it would be great to repurpose.

Inspiration in Action:
 I am really trying to find those white bleeding candles, but it isn't really the season just yet.

For inspiration I looked up some ideas and found two that really STICK out:
First: Gather the necessary items
1 Saucer
Pair of Pliers
Optional - spray paint
Then: Bend the forks and potentially spray paint to match decor.


Cork It

Recipes, grocery list and coupons can conveniently be kept without the clutter...


First: Gather the essentials:
12X12 cork board set of four at Wal-Mart is $9.47
Four screws, which I found around the house

Then: Attach to the cabinet and start using. It is super easy and something that you might not think of but helps keep everything in one place (not the infamous junk drawer).

Now to make homemade tacks to match the walls.

Inspiration in Action:


Vinyl Repurposed - Clock

Vinyl Record Craze! I need to time device and I feel like I should stick with the music theme...

After the dessert stand I had confidence that it could be molded enough to look like it is melting and here is how it went:

Gather the necessities:                    
Neutral Milk Hotel Vinyl Record
Clock mechanism (comes with hands)
New clock hands if you prefer

First: Attaining the materials were pretty easy this time.
 Micah already had the record and Hobby Lobby had the time pieces for a reasonable price so this project remained fairly cheap.

Next: Heat the oven to 200 degrees and begin the slow process of pulling the record gently and slowly while wearing an oven mit. Do not pull to hard because towards the end it gets very easy to tear.

Finally: Attach the clock hands, add a battery and place it on the correct time.

After it was assembled I hung it on the mantle.


Vinyl Repurposed - Stand

Let the projects begin! Interior decor personalized by the owner is the perfect color and fit...

The inspiration is a dessert stand:

First: Gather the necessary pieces:
two vinyl records
metal parts

Easy right?! Well the records were passed down from Samuel Denton who has a love for music so there were quite a few to pick from. Elton John had a great picture and Willie Nelson seemed fitting.

The metal parts were not so simple. I searched all of the craft stores and even tried to make it work with random parts that I thought might fit together from Home Depot. So plan B was in effect, find a cheap dessert stand and use those pieces and that is exactly what we did. At Home Goods there was one dessert stand to choose from which had cute cupcakes with faces, no need to say but those plates were trashed.

Next: Replace the bottom plate with a record. Then do the same with the top, but then the records would be the same size so it seems like they must have used a 45 vinyl instead (but that has a wider opening so there was a dilemma).
Solution: Heat the oven to 200 degrees to get the record pliable and for the five seconds that it is hot cut the record with scissors and precision. This goes on for a while, but eventually it was even and we were able to attach it to the top.

Finally: Turn off the oven and place desserts on stand.

The inspiration is action: