90 Degrees

What is this picture missing?

Of course...
Insert Here.

A corner picture frame!

It's not as hard as you think:
Buy molding from your local chain hardware store, as well as, a midor box kit (which comes with a saw). Cut to your specific size and use wood glue on the corners. The most important part is predrilling nail holes to hang it because the wood will split. Then choose the artsy picture you would like to display and any corner is complete.

I didn't want too much uniformity so I tried to choose a mixture of sizes, painted the frames and mattes, and even added fabric for a little interest.


Let it Flow

Since we have a creek that runs through the middle of the yard and plan on getting a puppy we need a way to stay dry.

I forced them to do a photo shoot...

Thought I would throw this in here because he is soo cute!


Foot Fetish

Welcome to my closet.
This is a pinterest inspired shoe holder.
It's super simple..
 two pieces of molding secured together with nails and then screwed to the wall. Be aware that predrilling holes is very important!



I've been obsessed with world maps for a couple of months now ...
Micah made a masterpiece!

The canvas spreads out about five feet across the focal wall in the dining room, above where the table will be.

It took a trip to Hobby Lobby where only $40 was spent and many tedious hours of meticulous cutting, but luckily the labor was free..

Six canvas, 14 foam pieces, and a can of black spray paint later it is probably my favorite piece in the house...
I love to look at it everytime I walk by!


Altered Light

Who likes those gold standard chandeliers that come in every apartment or house?!

No one.. so i wanted to see if I could transform it.

First: Remove the bulbs and unattach it from the ceiling.
Part of me wanted to be able to reattach it and reuse in the dining room
 but the wires weren't long enough to hang it over the table.

Next: Take apart the pieces and individually sand the metal so that the spray paint can be absorbed. Then spray Rust Oleum glossy (black in this case) evenly over the entire lamp. If you hang it to paint it is much easier to get an even look all the way around.
Using one of these is really handy for no getting paint all over you hands and cheap, $3!
Also, remember that if you want the chain to match to spray it hanging and then flip and do the same for no spots.

Then: When it is dry completely put the pieces back together and hang in the house. I repurposed mine to be a candleabra which turned out pretty good as you can see.

Finding candles that fit are more difficult because the holes are smaller, but we tried shaving a bit off the end and turning them upside down since the wick was on both sides.