Get Organized

I have been browsing the internet and trying to find the best and most functional ways to organize my space efficiently. After tons of searching I have compiled great ways to stay organized for each room:

So many ways to store cans. A magazine rack or used 12-pack seem the cheapest. I really want to have the one that comes out beside the fridge so that it saves cabinet and pantry space. Definitely going to measure the area and price the necessary makings. 
Spices are super flexible on storage as long as its air tight, even mason jars. I like it on the wall but I think I have a tile backsplash so I might have to rig it hanging from the cabinet. Labels are definitely necessary, it is possible to paint chalkboard paint on lids (top right). 
 Pretty storage and super convenient, I have never seen this one on the right. I think making it visible would remind me that I have fruit to eat.
 Measuring cups right inside the cabinet cuts out the search through drawers. Cord board can make recipes and grocery lists right at your fingertips but still out of the way.
Reuse a kleenex box to store those annoying grocery bags, easy idea but I never thought about it before.
 Cutting boards and pot lids are stashed out of the way. Tupperware kept organized with old cd racks!
 Hidden trash can and sponges keep it looking tidy.
 Baskets can be used in the fridge or freezer to help with the clutter and make things easy to find.
 Different ways to store jewelry (on display or hidden away) and headbands (on an oatmeal can)
Drawers on wheels


 Use a bird cage on the desk, three cereal boxes, or an old vhs for storage
 Keep cords out of sight and still know what is what... bread tie and paper clips

 Hide the hair dryer and curling iron while still being neat and accessible


Furniture Fantasies

I need furniture! I mean that it is a necessity because right now I have two beds which does me almost no good at all.. and I am on a budget. Therefore, I must begin my thrifting mission... soon!
I really want to create this!

I have some inspirational pieces that I would love to recreate and put a twist on:
                                                    Make coffee tables into bookshelves
Make benches from chairs or even a dresser
There is so much you can do with old doors
 Convert furniture to make is more functional 

Along with making my own pieces  tailored to my specific needs I am going to have to spruce up a few that have been passed on to me. 

Mismatched draw pulls or an eclectic grouping of different chairs can make things interesting.
Use different finishes

Add details on the drawers to add interest
Update boring chairs with stencils or fabric

        Add storage everywhere

Everything can match!
 I am open for any suggestions on places to find furniture (flea market/ yard sales are not going on due to colder weather and I would rather not wait until spring to invite you).

Even my chairs need tall socks!